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    Question Unanswered: database naming issue


    We have done the fresh intallation of oracle 10g on AIX machine, while installation we gave global database name as "IBLPRODDB". Oracle got installed successfully, I am able to start and stop my database without any problem, but when I give "select name from v$database" it is showing me
    name as "IBLPRODD" instead of "IBLPRODDB". I also checked the parameter file, some where it is taking "IBLPRODD" and some where it is "IBLPRODDB" . However if we check desc of name in v$database it is varchar(9). Kindly advice us, do we need to re-install whole database again.

    B D Yadav

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    At least in the past a database name of more then 8 characters was not a good idea as it would cause problems.
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