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    Unanswered: Manage database versioning


    In the last months we was in develop cycle.
    We use ORM (object relation management) and it create the database schema for us.
    in each change in the model we drop the schema and recreate it again.

    From next week we will give the first delivery to QA and we can’t drop and crate the database for each delivery.
    We need to give patches that will upgrade the database without lost of all data.

    How you guys handle this? What is your experience with this?

    Thank you

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    >We use ORM (object relation management)
    I don't recognize this as an Oracle product.
    Either it will generate ALTER statements or it won't.
    If it can generate ALTER statements, then do so.
    Otherwise you may have dug yourself a DEEP hole & need to stop digging TODAY.

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