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    Database Development (web based) CRM

    I am not too sure which type of database is best for my use but its for a CRM solution.

    some blurb below

    The main 2 parts of the CRM is the sales reps and the customers.

    The sales reps and customers are organised by regions.

    The customers will be in form of an organisation and within that organisation there will be departments and within the departments there will be contacts. The contacts will be part of a department and will either be active or inactive (this is due to contacts leaving and joining departments) and have some details such as tel no etc about the customer.

    The sales reps can only view and edit their own customers in their own regions. The sales reps whenever they communicate with a customer will have to log a visit, when they log a visit they must fill in a form with the date, time etc of the visit. They must also be able to upload files if necessary to the system. There must be an option to choose if the communication with the customer was a telephone call or a site visit.
    The reps must be able to see the visits they have made, for ease of use they should be able to see the last 5 visits in brief on one page and click for more details.

    Other users

    There will be other users involved, a sales director who has ultimate control of the system and can view/edit any part of the system.

    There will also be a telesales department who can input data just like the sales reps into ANY hospital.

    The director can add/remove regions as necessary and add/remove sales reps etc as required.

    Reports and viewing information

    The sales reps can search their database by keyword.
    The director and customer services can search the whole database by keyword.

    When viewing the visits on the departments page, the user can filter visits by date, type of visit, phone call or site visit and the person who they visited.

    The reports should be flexible.

    The sales reps should be able to generate reports of their activities in the past custom dates of their own region.
    The director should be able to do the same for the whole system.

    The director should also be able to generate reports for specific sales reps.

    The director should be able to make reports in spreadsheet, the reports should allow him to export all the data from 1 hostpital/department.
    He should also be able to do it for a rep
    and I have a PDF with some drawings, sorry they are a bit scruffy

    Does anyone here have the skills to do this on a freelance basis? I have a reasonably high budget for this work.

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    are you looking for database development, or the entire application including reports and forms? | @rudydotca
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    I need the whole thing doing, from beginning to end.

    All the web based interaction etc.

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