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    Exclamation Unanswered: 4414N administration service is not active

    I'm sure it is quite common error, however i can't find answer anywhere.

    Every time I try to create table with ControlCenterCommand (db2cc) it says "SQL4414N Administration Server is not active". But when I do execute db2admin start with a DAS it says it's running already.
    sh-3.1$ ./db2set -all
    [i] DB2COMM=tcpip
    [g] DB2SYSTEM=debian
    [g] DB2INSTDEF=db2inst2
    [g] DB2ADMINSERVER=dasusr2
    Those are correct users. I can execute CREATE TABLE in db2 CLP. My firewall is configured properly. DB2 is installed on local server.
    Maybe DB2 hates debian?! I actually can execute any db2 tool only by executing it directly (example) ./sqllib/adm/db2start. I noticed that there isn't any db2 tool in /usr/bin. Moreover - i had to copy db2javit to /usr/bin because of error that db2cc had given.
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    are these commands executed from db2instdef or other client instance
    if so, the ./ is not needed, because db2 commands are in the path
    probably this is not a client instance, or the profile is not calling db2profile
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Problem solved. Thx.

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