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    Unanswered: filling a combo box with a db list

    hi there.
    i have 2 tables - one called users with the PK being username.
    the other table is a called participants and it has a username field too. i'd like to populate participants.username with the values from users.username. On the form, I'd like the combo box to display the "FULL Name" but save the associated "username" in the database.

    I've tried to create a combo box on my form that has the following properties:
    rowsource = SELECT DISTINCTROW users.* FROM usersORDER BY users.fullname;

    the table design for users looks like this:
    username PK (text)
    fullname (text)
    title (text)

    When the form loads, its filling the list with the usernames, instead of Full name and when I try to select one, i get the following error:

    "Control can't be edited; it's bound to the expression 'Users!Fullname'"

    Can you tell me what i'm missing / what I messed up?


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    What does the other table look like? Can you post a zip of your db so we can look at it?

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    posting db

    i can't post the db because it contains confidential data.
    The table def for the second table includes a field called
    "TCName" that is a text. I haven't created a relationship between these two fields but... i don't think that would / should have an impact...

    Please and thanks.

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    table def. attached

    I took screenshots of the table defs... if that'll help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails recruit.bmp   users.bmp  

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    Since the problem is that the Users!FullName reference is read-only, change the Control Source to the field you want to store the results in. Use the combo box for the Control Source to PICK a field (username) from the list.
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