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    Unanswered: How to reduce duplicated Field


    I have using visual foxpro 6.0.Here i try to select data from two table at time

    recive duplicated Field .

    For example,


    Empid empname dpartment
    1 mur cs
    2 kks ms
    3 kkk Us


    Empid FirstName LastName
    1 kskd k
    2 kkks u


    select * from Table1,Table2 where Table1.Empid=Table2.Empid

    Output Is

    Empid_a empname dpartment Empid_b FirstName LastName
    1 mur cs 1 kskd k

    2 kks ms 2 kkks u


    How to avoid duplicate FieldName (Empid_a,Empid_b)

    I need only Empid empname dpartment FirstName LastName after execute above query

    Please replay me

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohinder_kks
    How to avoid duplicate FieldName (Empid_a,Empid_b)
    that's easy -- stop using the dreaded, evil "select star" | @rudydotca
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    The reason that the SQL Query results in VFP produce
    Empid_a & Empid_b is that the field exists twice - once in table1 and once in table2. VFP will not allow 2 fields with the same name to co-exist so it is re-naming the fields to be different.

    The way to get around this is to input the fields specifically instead of using the '*' (star) operator.

    SELECT Field1, ;
    Field2, ;
    Field3, ;
    Table1.Empid as Empid1, ;
    Field4, ;
    Table2.Empid as Empid2;
    <and so on...>

    Good Luck

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