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    putting screenshots into notepad

    I have a simple question, how can I put screen shots into a simple notepad document ?
    I know the printscreen function to do the copy and paste into word but I just want to highlight a screen that comes up in a program I have, then paste that into notepad, not really as an image though. Is there an easy way to do that ?
    I remember hearing something about selecting the screen and copying it but I tried and it didn't work.
    Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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    if you want just the text, PrintScreen is usually not the right way

    Ctrl-A usually equates to "select all" in most apps, then use Ctrl-C to copy

    you can also click and drag with the mouse to highlight portions of what's on the screen | @rudydotca
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    If you're looking to do graphics you'd need to use WordPad and ALT+Print Screen for a window or CTRL+Print Screen for the entire screen to copy and CTRL+V to paste it.

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    As said above, Alt + Print Screen will dump the active window, the Print Screen button a lone will dump everything you see on your screen at the time.

    As for putting the image into notepad, it can't be done. You will need to use at the very least, Wordpad.

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    Talking Yes you can

    See :

    OK it won't be in colle but it's possible
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