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    Unanswered: How to reset sa login password.

    May be this thread is duplicated.
    I searched on this forum about reset of sa login password.
    but i dont find solution for it.

    I forgot my sa login password. I searched on the net and used -psa option in run server file. it is mentioned that the new password will be displayed in the error log file. i checked the file but i dont find any password of it

    I can use dataserver utility and recreate the master device so that sa passwotd will be null.

    is there any other way to reset the sa login password.
    How -psa option will be run?
    where is the new password will be displayed?


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    No it does not print to the log, only to the screen.
    To capture it into a file you need to redirect output to a file
    startserver -f RUN_pd_p >/tmp/RUN_pd_p.log 2>&1
    grep 'password for sa' /tmp/RUN_pd_p.log

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