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    Unanswered: Pass Parameter to Sub Report from Main Report

    I am a self taught Access user and picked up much of my knowledge from various books and by deciphering many of the postings here. That said, here is my problem:

    I am trying to pass a same parameter "Start Date" and "End Date" on my main report to the sub report(s). In other words, I only want each one asked once when I run the report. Currently it asks for each twice.

    Also, if anyone is feeling real generous with the advice I need the proper format to add totals from the sub reports on the main report (they will all be in the same section of the main report), i.e. Unbound Textbox with a control source "=Sum([SubRpt1Total] + [SubRpt2Total])" on the main report.

    Here are some generic details on the concept:

    Report: MainRpt
    Control Source: MainRptQuery
    Parameter (from Query): [Start Date] and [End Date]

    SubReport: SubRpt1
    Control Source: SubRpt1Query
    Parameter (from Query: [Start Date] and [End Date]
    Unbound Textbox: SubRpt1Total
    Control Source: =Sum([SubRpt1_Amt])

    SubReport: SubRpt2

    The [Start Date] and [End Date] will be the same across all queries so how do I get it to ask it only once?

    I want to total the sub report totals on the main report, what is the proper format for that?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Use a custom dialog would be my first suggestion.
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    I would have the user enter the dates on a form and have both queries get the values from the form.


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    Thanks both of you for the ideas, I will give them a try and just post again if I need help with the details.

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    Check the code bank for some reporting examples. There are some there which do exactly what you're attempting to do.
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