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    Unanswered: Snapshot monitor elements

    Hi All,

    I have few queries about the snapshot monitor elements.

    1. when is the snapshot monitor elements get reset. I know using Reset monitor it can be reset, but is there any other way to do it. Like if we restart the database manager, will it reset all th monitor elements.

    2. when is the monitor data collection starts, Is it at the time when u switch on the monitor switches, or it keeps collecting the data. becuase in table snapshot it suppose to start collecting when u switch on the TABLE monitor switch but when i took the snapshot just after switching it on, i was getting too many tables and too many rows read which cant be possible..

    3. what if i want to reset particular monitor elements (not switch)

    4. if i have swicthed on all the monitor switches 1 month back and have not restarted my instance , Can I still trust the snapshot data which has been collecting all the info since one month

    I am really confused , Can someone please answer my queries.


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    1) Some get reset when the switches are turned on, and some are only reset on instance start. Some of these are reset by the RESET command.

    2) All data is captured from the last reset of the elements. It just depends on when that occurred.

    3) Cannot be done.

    4) yes.

    I would suggest you read the System Monitor and Reference Guide plus search the web especially IBM developerworks for futher info.


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