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    Unanswered: SQL1271w after rolling forward

    Hi all dbforums...

    we used log retain in DB2 for backup recovery to other side datacenter and every close system. we backup database with rolling forward.

    i have a problem with condition :
    every close system we always doing rolling forward with "rolling forward database ******** " to end of logs and complete ".
    and for the first time we have a reason from DB2 7.2 with message error like this "SQL1271W Database "*****" is recovered but one or more table spaces
    are off-line on node(s) "0".".

    please i need a help to solving this condition

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    do a db2 list tablespaces show detail for tha database

    den see the status of the tablespaces...if its offline den check the filesystem (where the tablespace is created) is available or not.

    If not do a tablespace level restore of the database and rollforward it...

    if it doesnt work do a redirected restore and create the tablespace again

    also, what version u r workin on and what is in th diag log

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