I am trying to get a report in sql server reporting service 2000 to work. And for the remaining life of me, I am unable to get the query to work. Well, since i am new to mdx. The data should appear in matrix (that I have got it right ).

select [Manufacturer].[Description], [Item].[No], [Item].[Description], [Measures].[Quantity], [Location].[Code] from [Sales]

What is required:
1) Using the parameters: Manufacturer's Descripiton and Location Code, I will need to filter accordingly. If the manufacturer description is given as blank, the query should take all the manufacturer. Same goes for the location code. I was hoping to use LIKE to filter the data, but unfortunately, LIKE does not exist in mdx.

Appreciate any help. Also, one more question. Is it possible to have a SQL server analysis 2005 to read from SQL server 2000? Any possible problem that might crop up?