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    Unanswered: Performance problems with SQL2K SP4 on Win2K3 SP2

    Hello All and Happy New Year (I believe that is still allowed by the PC police?!)

    Has anyone experienced performance problems (i.e. processes taking a lot longer to connect to the database server) after appyling Windows Server 2003 SP2 to a server that was previously running Windows Server 2003 RTM? The version of SQL Server (2000 SP4) has not changed between OS Service Packs.

    To set the scene, we upgraded one node of a cluster to Win2K3 SP2 intending to upgrade the other node the following night if no problems were encountered. However, after failing over to the patched node we experienced something akin to a Denial Of Service attack whereby connections were gradually refused until even existing connections were kicked out.

    We resolved that issue by disabling the SynAttackProtect Registry key (details;en-us;899599), but although connections are no longer being refused they are taking a lot longer, e.g. opening a Query Analyzer window now takes several seconds to connect to the database. The actual time taken by the database engine to execute sql queries has not increased, but is perceived by the users as having done so because of the time taken to return results.

    I asked our server team to run diagnostics against both nodes and they found no problems and no differences apart from the OS service pack level.

    I am about to reopen the case I logged with Microsoft, but thought I'd see if you guys had experienced anything similar.

    Thanks and regards

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    I've had major issues with SP4, some cases where I had to enable trace flag 9509 in an attempt to remedy the issue (-T9059) in startup parameters.

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