Hi. I've been working on a process that creates history tables for a database I'm working on. Since there are two subforms in the main form, I found that putting a query in the form and subform's BeforeUpdate process works well.

The problem is I have a bunch of cross edits that must be run every time the user makes a change to the current record. If the edits are run successfully, today's date is entered in a field called "Passed Edits."

To make sure the users run the edits after making a change, I put a [Passed Edits] = "" at the end of the BeforeUpdate code.

The problem is when the user runs the edits and a date is entered in the Passed Edits field, VBA sees this as another update to the form so it deletes the "Passed Edits" date.

Is there any way to make the "Passed Edits" field an exception to the form's BeforeUpdate code? TIA.