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    Question Unanswered: SQL MSDE installation problem

    I'm trying to install MSDE 2000 on my WIN XP machine using the setup.exe, but it always gives me error saying "set strong sa password" after the message " Please Wait while windows configures Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine"

    I also tried installing it by command line command below, it shows that its configuring and installing software, but disappears in the middle. I see the SqlServer agent installed and also folders inside C:\Program Files\Microsoft Sql Server folder, but SQL is still not listed in the installed programs

    msiexec /i sql2000.msi /log exception.log instancename="imalla
    " securitymode=sql sapwd="sapassword"

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

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    how do you know it's not installed? there is no gui right? "Please Set a Strong Password for SA" sounds like directions, not an error. There is also a setup log.
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