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    Which Database Program?

    Hello Everyone.

    I want to create a reporting database for an organization but am not sure what the best database program to use. I thought I might be able to get some feedback on this from the DB community here.

    • Create a database that has a web interface that installs onto a stand-alone windows computer
    • The database will allow the user to enter data from client intake form
    • The database will summarize data entered into either a doc or pdf format

    I'm new at this, but am following advise from this forum and doing my current reading on databases. I've worked with ms access but I'm not convinced that this is the only solution.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    A database is used to store data.

    It is not a front end, it is not a web interface and it does not produce pdf files.

    You have to build that functionality in another program/language yourself.

    Your best bet sounds like Access.
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    True. If there are not many concurrent users, and not an unreasonable amount of data, an access database (or jet data file with custom front end) should work fine.

    Is the web interface a hard requirement if it is installed on a desktop?
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    First of all, thank you for your responses.... all this information is helpful...

    Yes... I was wondering about using MS Access for this. Or would it be best to use another database program other than MS access. It would be a matter of taking some of the libraries to make it an installable exe database program. I'm also wondering about the front end yet.... If it is possible to have a web based front end.


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