Innovative new FileMaker 9 delivers 30 Ease-of-Use Breakthroughs including Live Connections to SQL Data, a PHP Site Assistant that enables non-programmers to create PHP-driven websites, etc.

GRENOBLE , France, January 8 2008 – FileMaker and WinSoft announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced for Middle Eastern users.

The new FileMaker 9 product line, which the company called its most dramatic new offering in years with over 30 ease-of-use breakthroughs, is now available in Middle East English and Middle East French versions.

A guide written in Arabic and Hebrew will help the users to increase their FileMaker skills and better understand how to use the numerous new functionalities. In addition, Middle Eastern users will be able to easily publish basic web forms or web-based status updates and lists thanks to the Instant Web Publishing in Arabic or Hebrew. The Mirror Layout tools, that allows users to switch in one click from the English Layout geometry (Left To Right oriented) to an Arabic or Hebrew one (Right To Left), is now more accessible and directly in the Layout menu. For Arabic users, ligatures and diacritics will be totally supported when exporting the database in pdf format.

FileMaker 9 includes many new features, for end users and developers, to simplify creating, automating, sharing and reporting from databases, including a new Quick Start screen for new users to be quickly productive; Conditional Formatting, which highlights data based on parameters the user sets; and the ability to email a link to other FileMaker users, which they can click to instantly access your database.

The new version also offers breakthrough easy-to-use tools so FileMaker users and workgroups easily can connect to the world of company and Web data residing in external SQL data sources: MySQL, Oracle SQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

“FileMaker and WinSoft have already taken a number of steps to develop products to meet the specific needs of Middle Eastern markets,” said Pierre Blangero, chairman and chief executive officer, WinSoft.

“FileMaker is the acknowledged leader in easy-to-use database software which empowers workgroups,” said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker. “With FileMaker 9 we go further. We make it easier than ever for developers and users to manage information in amazingly productive and creative ways. For example, our goal is to make FileMaker Server 9 so easy that FileMaker Pro customers can install it in 20 minutes or less on a single machine configuration, and quickly share database solutions.

”FileMaker 9 is perfect for innovative organizations who realize the benefits of empowered self-service workgroups,” Goupil said.

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Pricing and Availability
FileMaker Pro 9 and Pro 9 Advanced are immediately available. New users may purchase FileMaker Pro 9 for $299 (suggested list price) and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced for $499 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Pro 7, 8 and 8.5 may upgrade to FileMaker Pro 9 for $179 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Developer 7, FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced and 8.5 Advanced, and FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5 and 9 may upgrade to FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced for $299 (suggested list price).

FileMaker Server 9 products will be soon available. News users may purchase FileMaker Server 9 for $999 (suggested list price) and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced for $2,499 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Server 7 and 8 may upgrade to FileMaker Server 9 for $599 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Server 7 Advanced and 8 Advanced may upgrade to FileMaker Server 9 Advanced for $1,499 (suggested list price). FileMaker offers license discounts for volume purchasers as well as for education and non-profit organizations.

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