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    Unanswered: Conditional Formatting giving unexpected outcome

    Hello all,

    I have some conditional formatting on a list of cells in a spreadsheet, basically just as checks that the data i have input is correct

    I have a sheet where i input a list of weights and the sum is calculated and stored in a list of cells (by grade)

    i then compare this list against a list in another sheet (in theory this list should be identical). i then just have literally a list of cells saying take 1st list minus 2nd list = (in this case all outcomes should be 0 as lists should not differ).

    The conditional formatting basically says if cell value > 0 colour cell else do nothing.
    Now i set the formatting up on the entire list, and randomly 5 of the cells have coloured themselves in despite the fact that the value in the cell is 0.

    Just wondering if it had been experienced before and why it is happening to me.

    Thanks for the long read, at work im unable to post files (limited access to the internet) so i had to explain it as best i could im afraid.

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    May be in the calcualtion


    Sometimes when cells are calculated then you can get a calcualtion results that would cause a cell to show 0, but the actual value is 0.00000000001.

    If the cells are calculated then you may be able to get around this by using the ROUND function to get rid of the etra decimal places.

    Hope this helps

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