Okay so I haven't really been too familiar with Join properties. Currently I'm in the situation in my report where I believe I need it. Here is the scenario:

I have my Oracle database which I have packages that have certain parts and a box in them.

On the other hand I have an Excel spreadsheet with parts and the boxes that are associated to them. This is a master sheet so if it says Part A is packed into Box A that is what it should be in our oracle database.

I need to bounce this Oracle database against this Excel Spreadsheet. What I want to see is for a given package ID that the correct part was packed into the correct case.

So what I'm trying to do is compare the part number and box in the oracle database to the Excel spreadsheet. If they are the same I want a value of one to appear. If not a two will appear.

It is possible for for a part in the oracle database to not be on the excel spreadsheet though.

I know this is a rough explanation of what I'm looking for but it's also hard to explain.

If you guys have done anything similar to this please let me know.


Oracle Side Excel Side Output I'm Looking For

Package ID: Part A in Box A = Part A is packed in Box A Value: 1
Package ID: Part A in Box B = Part B is packed in Box C Value: 2

Thanks for any help!