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    Hello - where do i post this....?

    hi all, i'm in dire need of help, where should i post this?

    i've installed a 2nd hand hard drive (for back-ups, etc) and XP won't regognise the device. keeps telling me partition or volume not enabled, restart your computer.

    each time i do this i get 'hardware instalation failed'

    the BIOS is seeing the drive, i can see the device in the Computer Management, it tells me the device is working properly! but each time i try and assign a drive letter to it i get the error: partition or volume not enabled, restart your computer.

    there's more detail to this but i figured on awaiting instructions on where to post before i type too much!!

    an responce more than welcome

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    where to post it? my suggestion: some other site

    i guess the closest forum we have would be General Chat

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    hi r937, thanks for the reply, perhaps i will do as you suggest. off to another forum i go

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