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    Unanswered: Add a checkbox to a word doc from Access 2003

    I am using MS Access 2003 to fill in some bookmarks in a word doc. This works well, except for my most current needs.

    I have a quote form with line items in it

    Service 1
    Service 2
    Service 3 .. etc

    I want to add these line items to word also - with a checkbox to the left of each one

    Example below...

    Is there an ascii code for a checkbox? or vba code for a form element like a checkbox?

    0 - checkbox

    qty descrip unit price extended
    0 4 Service 1 100.00 400.00
    0 2 Service 2 200.00 400.00
    0 1 Service 5 10.00 10.00

    I have some code that loops thru the line items and adds them, but it does not ad a checkbox to each line....

    Any help is appreciated.

    For those who will say - "just use Access for the report" - that is not an option as there are other reasons for using word. Please reply with answers related to using MS Word - Thanks!
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    Can you post the code you're using to create the word doc and the elements within it?
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    Have you considered adding Yes/No fields to the table that the Word file is linked to? It might make things a little easier. There is also a Yes/No field type you could add to a Word document (Insert -> Field).
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