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    Unanswered: Please help me understand homework requirements (Was"What Does This Mean?")

    I have a question that I don't know the full meaning of:

    Produce a report that outputs the properties that satisfy a particular buyers requirements.
    You can specify the buyer number (‘B023’) but you must use the data already contained in that buyer’s record for all other comparisons.

    I.e Select ……..
    From ………
    Where buyerno = ‘B023’
    And Area = ‘Pontypridd’
    And NoOf Bedrooms > 3 etc…..


    Basically, I have two tables, one table listing what a potential buyer would want e.g. minimum number of bedrooms, maximum price they're willing to pay etc. The other tables simply contain data on the properties.
    What is meant by 'but you must use the data already contained in that buyer's record for all other comparisons?

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    I think it means that you can specify the buyerno but no other hard coded comparisons. So instead of querying for noofbedrooms > 3 you must do something that translates to noofbedrooms > noofbedroomsspecifiedbybuyer.

    That is my guess. You would have to ask your teacher\ tutor for a definite clarification.

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