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    Unanswered: different execution times

    i have a problem with some queries.the query runs sometimes for 1 hr and sometimes the same query runs for 2 min.and some times 2 hrs and some time for 45 secs.we monitored for about 8 hrs and and in that period it ran with lot of variations like the above one.i am unable to understand what the prob is?. can any one of u tell me what the possible reasons could be. is it any hardware prob?.after running for hour it runs for 1 or 2 min at this time it does not read much from there any disk cache or something like that from which db2 might read.
    the DB is on V8.2 FP5 (solaris)
    if any suggestions, i appreciate that.

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    Please post the exact SQL statement. Are different literals used in the predicate each time it is executed?
    M. A. Feldman
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