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    Unanswered: Utility to read db2 transaction log file


    We use db2 8.2.6 on windows 2000 platform.

    Our production db use to produce avreage of about 20 transaction log files for a day. All of a sudden we see the logs files increase excessively (abou 40 to 50) a day. Then after a week or so, magically come back to the normal figure of 20 transaction logs a day. Given the fact the production load did not change and no new migrations went in to prod, we are keen to solve the issue because we are sure the issue is bound to hit us again.

    We thought we can get some cluse to the issue if we can decipher from the transaction logs what caused the abnormal increase in transaction log file numbers. So the this question 'is there any utility that can read the transaction logs?'

    Thanks in advance


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    Have a look at the DB2 Recovery Expert ( It allows you to analyze DB2 logs.
    Knut Stolze
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