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    Unanswered: update query

    I want to build a query that updates the field branch4 to the field items4 and the sum obtained to divide to the field pack.My query cannot update can you help ?
    Here is my query :
    UPDATE products1 SET products1.branch4 = [products1].[items4]/[products1].[pack];

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    What happens when you try (an error, incorrect result, nothing etc)?

    Also - are you aware of first normal form and, if so, are you violating it here? Why do you want to update a column rather than calculate on the fly as and when you need it?

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    Hi, Peljo

    Your statement seems correct except you should use an exclamation sign between the table and fields' name. I tested this statement in access 97 - I know it's too old - and works fine.


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