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    Unanswered: subform tricker flicker

    I have found this solution on this forum. And I have little problem to implement it to my database. I created a modules called Flicker with the code provided by Allen Browne. I choose the FixAllForm options.

    My main form is called ChangeOfControlFormDetails and I have a tab control in this main form. At the present, I have two pages in the tab control and each page has two subforms.

    I am just not so sure where in my main form should I put the FixAllForm. I try on-current, on-load and many other event tricker in the main form but nothing work. My screen still keep flicking or complaint from the modules.

    I do have a pop up calendar visible my on-click on a control in the main form.
    I have two command buttons will open two separate sub forms.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    You don't put the code in an event. According to the web site you linked to you would just use Ctrl-G and type in FixAllForms()

    As a side note the site also says that the bug is fixed with service pack 3 is there a reason you don't just update office?
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    Ctrl-G just put this instance in the immediate window and it will perform the job just one time, is that correct?

    For the record, I did try that and it works but as soon as I close the database and reopen it again, the FixAllForms() command is gone from the immeditate window.

    I checked, My microsoft office has the service pack 3 already. I guess, maybe mine is a little bit different bug.

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