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    Unanswered: What are these numbers in mysql browser status bar

    When my query finishes there is a message at the bottom of the MySQL browser:

    5000 rows fetched in 0.68s (3.0988s)

    What does this mean?

    It seemed to me that the query used 3 seconds but why the number 0.68s?

    Sometimes I see this kind of message:

    50000 rows fetched in 8.68s (0.388s)

    the first number is bigger.


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    Probably run time vs. real time. Explanation: if a process used 50% of the CPU for 10 seconds, it is said to have used 5 seconds of run time but 10 seconds of real time. (Different people have different terms for these concepts, btw.)

    Database operations tend to wait a lot for IO, so they rarely fully utilize the CPU.

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