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    Unanswered: Word .docx needs to be converted to db

    Word document w/rows and columns is nearly 400 pages. Has three columns (File name, CD number, File size).

    Currently using this document for a photographer who searches the document for image files. Ctrl F and an image such as CS120 will show where it is in the document. On the same row shows the CD number, so we know where it is in the CD/DVD binders along with file size to help us determine if it is a big enough file for our project. It has been very helpful over the years, but we did not imagine it to reach 400 pages and growing.

    -Takes too long to load
    -Every time I add any values I get a beach ball or an hour glass for a few seconds depending on what platform I am using.

    -Need to import this into a db

    -What kind of database should I use? (keep it basic)
    -Be able to import all of the data seamlessly without loss, so I will not have to retype data

    Thanks for your help in advance. See attached document.
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