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    Unanswered: Form/subform question

    With the help of this forum I recently created a form which looks at a master table containing fault details, and a subform which allows the inout of labour costs to a second table, linked by the fault reference (I created a relationship).

    Now I'd like to add a second subform which links a third table in which I can enter spare parts that have been ordered from that same form. I tried creating a relationship betwen my master "faults" table and a new "parts" table and then creating a copy of the first subform but that didn't quite work.

    Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

    Many thanks

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    I've created a main form with like 10 subforms, so yes, it's possible.

    Why didn't it "quite" work?
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    You may want to create the 2nd subform from scratch rather than copying the first subform (perhaps using the wizard on creating the 2nd subform). As StarTrekker stated, you can have many subforms within a main form, each subform based on 1 of the relational tables to the "master" table. You can even have another subsubform within the subform (if for example you have another table linked to the table which then in turns links to the master table), and so on (but you'll lose the continuous form view in subsubforms. When you look at the design properties of each of the subform's within the main form, make sure you have the linked master/child field property set correctly for the join on the tables.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Initially I could input data to my first subform but when I added a second nothing worked. However, I've done it again and this time I created all the subforms from scratch and it works

    Thanks very much your help!

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