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    Unanswered: Making Access window invisible

    I am calling an Access module from within Excel with ADOB, no problems there.

    When the Access database is opened, the standard form appears. The form is the front end of the database and used by others for another application, but I do not want it shown in this particular application.

    I have made it invisible, but still the Access window with the standard toolbar ( File, Edit , View etc) remains.

    Can anyone please advise how I can programatically minimise this Access window or make it invisible?

    'Excel code
    Set objAccess_Tx_Master = CreateObject(strFullPath)
    'objAccess_Tx_Master.Visible = True
    strPath = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path + "\" + Application.ActiveWorkbook.Name
    FormInvisible = True   ' when Access opens, do not display form on opening
    objAccess_Tx_Master.Run "ThrowLoadProfleDataToExcel", strPath, FormInvisible
    'Access code 
    Sub ThrowLoadProfleDataToExcel(ByRef strExcelPath As String, ByRef FormInvisible As Boolean)
     'hide the form frmTransformer
        If FormInvisible Then
            Form_frmTransformer.Visible = False
        End If

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    If you want to minimize all of Access or something to that effect with the form, check the code bank for the Form Manipulation examples. There's a way in the examples where you can minimize all of Access or not even show any of the background Access stuff and show just the popup form (or not show anything). It may or may not be what you want but there's a lot of different examples worth looking at. I've used one of the examples to rid the entire background Access info and show just the popup form which worked rather nicely.

    Other than that, there are parameters you can use (in a shortcut or in vba) when opening an mdb/mde which also might be what you're looking for. For switches when opening Access:
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    Found it! Module 2 in FormManipulation2003 .mdb looks like it will do what I wish to do. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Paul, and for posting the Form Manipulation examples

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