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    Unanswered: Cannot find Toolbox

    I need to add a Form to a database designed by others. In the form design view, there is no toolbox shown . If I go to View menu, toolbox is greyed out.

    Can anyone please advise how to locate the toolbox?

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    Try Tools -> Customize (Toolbars tab), and make sure the Toolbox is checked. Check the Properties of Toolbox (click on it and select properties) to make sure it allows showing/hiding (and check all the other properties of it.) Click reset if you need to. Try opening the mdb holding down the shift key if you can't change things. If you don't see the Toolbox as a selection, it may have somehow been removed for this mdb. You can try importing from an mdb which you know shows the Toolbox (selecting File -> Get External Data, Import and select the mdb, and then select Options and check the Menus and Toolbars.)

    The original developers may have somehow removed the Toolbox for some reason or another.
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    Excellent!! Many thanks again, Paul, you are on the ball

    Found the Toolbox in the Customize menu was unchecked

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