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    Unanswered: Cannot start up informix - Problems with a chunk?


    I'm trying to put on-line informix. But when i do "oninit -v" i get a message:

    oninit: Cannot open chunk '/mnt/rifxroot'. errno = 6
    oninit: Fatal error in shared memory initialization

    At onconfig file, we have set ROOTPATH = /mnt/rifxroot, so I supposed this is the primary chunk.

    At this path we get:

    crwxrwxrwx 1 informix informix 64 0x020001 Jan 21 2004 rifxroot

    If I try to copy, or something like this, I get:
    cp: cannot open rifxroot: No such device or address

    What's it going wrong? What is the meaning of this "C" that appears at the first of permissions flags? Why don't informix go to online state?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    run the command ipcs and remove any shared memory segments.

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    The flag "C" means this a special file, created with command "mknod"
    To more information : man mknod

    This kind of file is used with informix to do access on device in RAW mode.

    To check if you can read this file:
    dd if=/mnt/rifxroot/ of=/tmp/my_root
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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