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    Unanswered: Access Reports Crashing

    I nearly quit my job today, but finally I found out what was causing my problems.

    I developed a database application in MS Access 2003 and we use it on XP computers. In has been in use for about 3 years. All of the sudden the reports start crashing the whole application. This was only happening in my development environment. Sometimes I could fix it but not with a consistent method.

    Finally today I realized my default printer was Adobe Acrobat. So I switched back to a physical printer and everything is back to normal.

    I hope this helps someone in the future. Like I said I was about to freak out.
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    Yes - having a default printer set wrong can lead to strange things with an mdb file. I couldn't even compile my code once as the default printer was set to something which somehow caused the problems when trying to compile the code. After many hours of troubleshooting, once I changed to a new default printer, I was able to compile the code and everything worked ok.
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