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    Florida Updated Businesses Database 02/07 - 739,852 Records

    The following database is available in either MySQL Dump, MS Access, MS Excel or SQL 2000 backup file.

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    Florida Updated Businesses Database 02/07

    This business database is available for immediate download and contains updated business listings for all Florida businesses that filed changes of demographic, location or contact information for the month of February 2007. Complete Florida marketing information is available for each of the businesses in this website content database. This Florida download database can be purchased as a single item using the links provided or you can subscribe to our Updated Businesses Database Service.

    Florida Business Development and growth in 2006

    Florida maintains a world-class business climate, as shown by our years of positive job growth and economic success. However, we must build on these successes in order to boost economic opportunities for all Floridians�, states Susan Story, Board of Directors Vice Chair for Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI), an organization based in Orlando and whose primary goal is expanding Florida's economy and devising higher-paying jobs for Floridians through its partnership of Florida's leading business and government leaders.

    Florida remains a fluid economy. Florida's performance is one of the top rated leading US states due to strong population expansion and high-growth industries. �Our vision is for Florida to be a global leader in knowledge-based jobs, leading-edge technology and competitive enterprises in the 21st Century,� said EFI President and CEO John Adams. It seems that EFI's vision is becoming a reality.

    EFI's main focus is on Florida's business, education, government and economic development leaders uniting in a secure economic future through a series of strategic planning meetings that optimistically ensure the state's financial success. These meetings develop a forum for discussion on issues as varied as initiating, maintaining and attracting high-value jobs; establishing a world-class workforce; advocating affordable housing; strengthening infrastructure and preserving Floridians' quality of life. The outcome and information gathered at the meetings will be included in the five-year Statewide Strategic Plan for Economic Development, known as the �Roadmap to Florida's Future�. These meetings are a sounding board for top-ranking Florida officials to have an open discussion with lower-level regional business and community leaders to analyze and determine crucial economic priorities for their region and the state.

    Governor Bush implemented this political strategy in 2004, with a goal of completion in 2009. Since this plan was put into action, over 1,000 business, community and economic development leaders have taken part in this large-scale economic overhaul. EFI presents consistent reports to Governor Bush on the progress of this �Roadmap'. At the onset of this plan in 2004, one of the main goals addressed was to create more leading jobs for Floridians and, in point of fact, the state has undoubtedly begun to accomplish its goals. In 2006, the state passed a succession of landmark economic development enterprises to increase Florida's Innovation Economy. The state was provided $245 million in incentive payments to support the extension of critical industries. One of these milestone provisions created the 21st Century Technology, Research and Scholarship Enhancement Act, Space Florida and dispenses significant tax exemptions for machinery and equipment allocated for research, development and manufacturing.

    This Five Year Plan has ensured that Florida has preserved its top ranked spot in job growth for 40 uninterrupted months. The plan has successfully encouraged the implementation of its key focus towards International Trade and has seen a rise of funds from $45.9 billion to $81.9 billion, annually, since its inception. This results in an increase of $35.5 million. The �Roadmap' has also drawn attention to the commerce-driven incentive policies in economic development of �Rural Areas of Critical Economy Concern' (as coined by the Governor). The overall rise of Florida's Gross State Product accounted for 5 percent of the nations GSP in 2004, and has matured by 21 percent in the past five years, competing with 14 percent for the U.S. economy in its entirety.

    Finally, in the arena of high-tech exports, Florida has fostered immense potential, remaining third in the US in 2005, increasing by 16.2 percent over the previous year to reach $10.95 billion. Florida ranked first in the nation for the numeric growth (total dollars added) in high-tech exports, adding over $1.5 billion from 2004-2005, and second in the nation for total dollars added in high-tech exports from 1999-2005 (over $2.9 billion).

    Record Fields: ID, Mailing Address, City, State, Zipcode, Carrier Route, Delivery Point, County, Phone Number, Fax Number, Website, Owner First and Last Names, Contact Title, Owner Sex, Employee Count, Annual Revenue, Sales Volume, Primary and Secondary SIC Codes, SIC Descriptions, Headquarters Type, Firm Type, Metro Area, Office Size, Office Square Footage, Franchise Information

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    Records: 739,852

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    I built a database of Karaoke Club Locations. So, since I created it and posted it on a website, I guess I have the "exclusive rights" to it. Am I correct in that assumption?
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