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    Unanswered: Best code for the job

    I am working on a project right now that is requiring a bit of dynamics. What i need to happen is when Client A logs into the website, he needs to be able to pull up document A, document B and document C from a menu. What i am wondering is what is the best/most efficient way to pull content from the access db to the documents for client A?

    Document A, B and C are all working correctly within the office. Displaying it on the website, whould i be better off using PHP and parsing the db info in or could i go XML and pull the clients info that way?

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    Not sure this is in the right forum.
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    I was thinking the same thing. How does your question relate to something you'd like to do in MSAccess?
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    if its a document then you are creating on the fly form an Access db then personally I'd send it either as RTF, or possibly PDF.

    The few dealing I've had with XML maek me want to avoid it.. but that probably has more to do with me not wanting to learn yet another (adjective deleted) interface language than it suitability

    I think a lot depends on what you expect your users to do with the document after the event.. if they need to edit and rework the document then you need to export the file in a suitable format. whether you do that as a HTTP request, a FTP request or send the file(s) by email is up to you. Im guessing int he modern world people will demand that the document must be available right now.... so that may well rule out an EMail event. You then get into potential problems of getting the data through a firewall.. some corporate firewalls are very very sniffy about DOC, PDF and other file types. Persoanlly Id use FTP, to avoid opening the document up in the web browser

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    If you want to play with Microshafts ... sorry, Microsoft's formats, Access also can export to SNP files (snapshot). SNP is similar to PDF, it's a portable, uneditable format that reports export to that preserves format and content.

    Modern day browsers (IE anyway, don't know about Firefox) will open them if the user doesn't have the snapshot viewer (which is free btw). Chances of a corp firewall blocking SNP is less than PDF and much less than RTF and DOC.

    If you want to post the report result on-line, Access will also export to html, and you can format your report to look like a spreadsheet if you want.

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