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    Question Unanswered: Comparing data with main report to subreport

    Hello, I am working on a crystal report in which the subreport is pulling out a box/carton out of a multi-body line field. Then in turn I am pulling out the box in my main report from a stored excel table. I am in need of doing a comparison formula and compared whether the box I pulling out of excel matches my subreport box. How do I go about doing this calculation?

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    Create a formula, drag the fields into the builder window from the appropriate form controls and arrange it like so
    If {somefield} = {someotherfield} Then
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    I think the issue was in comparing a field in a subreport to a field in the main report. So you couldn't use the if statement. Now The report ended up working using a Shared VarString. The problem is , is that when it's inserted the first value is null and then the rest of the values are a row lower than they should be because of the first null value. It's really bizarre. Kinda looks like this

    Part A Part B If Match is Correct Display Part

    123 123 (Null)
    234 234 123
    345 345 234
    546 546 345

    As you can see the column next to Part B should list 123 as the part because they match but it appears Null and this only happens at the first row.

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