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    Question Unanswered: HOW TO CREATE SCHEMA USING given DDLs

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very new to DB2.

    1) I have installed DB2 server Personal edition only in my system.

    2) I have a set of DDLs in a file(app_ddl.txt size: 200 KB) that starts with

    create schema XXXX
    create table XXXX.YYYY(......)
    create table XXXX.AAAA(......)
    create view XXXX.ZZZZ..... (blah..blah..blah)

    3) Now I need to have the above database schema in my system using the "app_ddl.txt".

    Please help me providing the steps(right from start after installation) for the setting up the DB asap.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Have you read the First Steps already?
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    IBM Germany Research & Development

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