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    hello i have a database i need one thing
    1. I have one table
    2. i have linked the table with the name customers
    3. i create the form
    4. i need to put inside on the form the table to see what customers i have. It is the same table i do it with subform but i cant do that because is the same name or something

    is there anyway to do it that?

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    Not sure what you mean by "is the same name or something" but go to the design view of your subform and change the Default View property from Single Form (or Continuous Form) to DataSheet to view the subform as a table. I'm guessing that your relationship between the 2 tables is most likely a one-to-many where the ID type field in the main table matches a corresponding ID field in the name customers table. In the design view of your main form, if you select the subform and look at the properties, you'll see the Link Child Field and Link Master Field property where you select the matching ID field in both tables.
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