hello freinds !!!

i have a little problem so as how to do fix this problem :
1. i have an access table with the following fields
field1:area, field2:area2, field3:area3,field4:area4
1 2 3 100
1 2 3 500
2.i have an excel sheet with huge data in a sheet and consist of the same fields af access table like
area1 area2 area3 area4
1 2 3 100
1 2 3 150
1 2 3 200

the value for the area4 will always change and i have to compare the field "area4" with the access table field area4
and if there is a change then color it.

i have no clue how to do it.. i know how to work with excel automations preety well but i dont know how to assign a condition so as to walk through each and evry cel of excel and compare it..

any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance and waiting for your valuable thoughts.