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    Unanswered: MDC tables

    I'm planning to use MDC tables for large tables (27 million records are there).

    I've chosen a tablespace in which the current table resides. It has the following statistics:

    page syze in bytes - 32768
    Extent size 4K pages - 32
    Prefetch size 4K pages - 32.

    I dreated an MDC table and tried to load the data in to it from the existing table. It says

    "SQL0289N Unable to allocate new pages in table space "TS_DATA01_32K".

    I created a new table space with 240000 pages and created the MDC table and then tried to load the same data but still it's showing the same error.

    It seems it's asking lot more space than the actual table.

    Can some one help me on this?

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    Depending on how you defined the clustering columns, this may very well be the case. For each unique combination of values in the clustering columns, DB2 will allocate a single extent of pages in the table space. So if you have 240000 pages and an extent size of 32, you should not have more than 7500 unique combinations of values in the cluster columns (also take some overhead for free space map etc. into account).
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