I've learned about a table property that allows us to specify a different filegroup for the text / image columns that are part of a give table. However, arround September 2007 I've read in SQL BOL that text and image would be removed in a future version of SQL Server and replaced by the varchar(MAX) and varbinary(MAX) data types.

My question is in light of this exoneration of data types. Consider the following DDL

CREATE TABLE dbo.Table_1
	myBin varbinary(MAX) NOT NULL
Will it have any impact on myBin column (considering the previous deprecation announcement), meaning that the values stored in the myBin collumn will be stored in the SECONDARY fillgroup even though the property name doesn't reflect that behaviour?

If I wanted to insert some rows into this table and figure out on my own if the values of that column are being stored in the primary or secundary fg would there be any system view / table that I could consult? Or would I be left with the DDL and take it literaly (which means that everything will be stored in the primary).