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Crisis Intervention Services Database

Crisis Intervention is provided when a crisis exists to the extent that one's usual coping resources threaten individual or family functioning. Often this consists of psychotherapy that focuses on acute critical situations (depressive episodes or attempted suicides or drug overdoses) with the aim of restoring the person to the level of functioning before the crisis. Download this database of Crisis Intervention Services by following the buy now links provided.

Everybody may possibly go into crisis once in his or her lives. If it isn't you, maybe one of your family members could be affected. Life's crisis includes depression, attempted suicide, or substance overdose, among others. And during these trying times in a person's lives, crisis intervention groups are always there to help.

In the U.S. alone, there are possibly more than 2,000 groups, companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals providing crisis intervention services. If you have a need to know all these companies, then the Crisis Intervention Service Database is going to be of big help to you.

The database contains 2,295 individual records containing the registered name, physical address, contact numbers, website URL, and email address of crisis intervention service providers. And these records are very helpful in a number of ways. It can be used as a basis of important marketing data, as well as a directory reference.

The list of crisis intervention service providers are for companies and businesses that provides rehabilitation sessions, drug therapies, inspirational talks, and several others worth mentioning. If the crisis intervention groups directly benefit your business and you want to reach out to them as your target market, then you need to download the database and use it to your advantage.

The Crisis Intervention Service Database comes in web usable formats such as MySQL and CSV. Using these formats, you can upload the database into your website to be used as a niche directory. The MS Access and MS Excel formats, on the other hand, are useful for offline applications such as telemarketing.

Record Fields: ID, Category, Sub Category, Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Country, Area Code Check, FIPS Code, County, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude, Longitude, MSA Code, PMSA Code

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Records: 2,295

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