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    Red face Unanswered: MS Access 97

    Around 7 years ago, one of our interns who was college bound, wrote several databases in MS Access '97 for our Accounting Department. He has since left the company. The users who require access to those databases have recently been upgraded to MS Access 2003. When they try to open the databases, they get prompted "The current user account doesn't have permission to convert or enable this database." Are we screwed? No one knows how to get in touch with him.

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    Do you open the 97 version mdb via a shortcut which utilizes the mdw in the properties of the shortcut or open an mdw file first and then launch the mdb?

    If you utilize an mdw file, you just need to create a shortcut and for the properties of that shortcut make it so it utilizes the mdw. Here's an example of a shortcut utilizing an mdw:
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\MyMdbName.mdb" /WRKGRP "C:\MyMDWName.mdw"

    You may also need to (in Access 2003), select Tools -> Security -> Workgroup administrator, and join to the correct workgroup (mdw) file used for security. Do NOT create a new mdw file if you are already utilizing one!!! (or you will be screwed! - I repeat - DO NOT create a new mdw file if you are already utilizing one!) Make backups (and more backups) of the current mdw file you are using! This is a VERY, VERY important file and creating a new one over the existing one will make it unworkable to get in and do anything. If you've already attempted and created a new mdw file, get out your nightly backups and restore the mdw file before the new one you created.

    Once you've sucessfully joined to the workgroup (mdw) file and launched the mdb via the correct shortcut (referencing the mdw file), you should then be able to convert the mdb to a 2003 format (or export the objects to a new 2003 mdb) (providing you use a username and password which has admin type permissions.) You can try Admin as a username (with no password) or if you know it and there is an Admin password, enter it.

    I've attached a utility which may help you in finding out the usernames and passwords in an mdw file.
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    You could also just install and use the Microsoft Access 97 runtime alongside of Access 2003.
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    MS Access '97 Issue

    Thank you for your input. They do not use an mdw to open Access '97 so I don't have to worry about that.

    I decided to install the Access '97 software to a separate directory and placed an icon on the user's desktop. This works fine.

    Thank you for your input.

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