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    Like to say "Hi" and introduce myself

    Glad to see so many involved. I,m learning from scratch how to develop a data based Windows app. and hope I've found a good source of general db experience.
    My first request is if anyone can tell me what one calls the following form of data transfer and where one looks to convert it to a column based format.

    The first four digits describe a parameter, the following digits are it's value.
    It looks like this:
    0140122 <0140="Gas", 122=how much>
    01393655 <0139="Depth", 3655= how deep>
    01383640 <0138="Bit Depth", 3640= how deep>
    I need this to look like this

    Gas Depth Bit Depth
    122 3655 3640

    I will later need to send data out in the previous form.

    Thanks in advance for any insights you may share

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    Hello! welcome to the board.


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