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    Unanswered: protecting dbms_session.set_identifier

    We have a client application using a connection pool that is unable to use proxy authentication. For the purposes of auditing we would like to record the actual username (or other identifying data) for the session in the client_identifier with dbms_session.set_identifier (they are all connecting to the same database userid).

    Seeing as this is for auditing purposes we need a way to ensure that any connected user can't just execute dbms_session.set_identifier with any username he wants. Are there any foreseen problems revoking all access to dbms_session and only granting it through a separate wrapper package that we control? What steps should we take to ensure it's trusted?

    Is there a better method to accomplishing this?


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    Why do application users have Oracle client s/w plus actual schema names & passwords that would allow them to actually log directly into the database?
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    They don't. It's a COTS app with a JDBC pool that we can't do much to modify (like adding proxy auth), that's connecting to a single application database user/schema.

    But forget all that for now. Just say I want to have a logon trigger to set the client_identifier to a person's OS_USER, but to have it secure so I can't set my client_identifier to your OS_USER and pretend to be you. How do you lock that down correctly?

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