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    Unanswered: Copy SQL Server Objects - strange behavior

    I'm a wee bit of a newbie concerning DTS and have inherited a db with a DTS containing a Copy SQL Server Objects task set to run nightly. Essentially, it does an informal backup of some core data.

    Recently, I was notified that one of the tables it copies over is now empty on the Destination db. The DTS shows that it runs successfully with no errors logged, the table in question IS selected to be copied from the Source database, there IS data in the Source database table, and every other table in the Destination database is populated appropriately.

    Any ideas on what would cause this one table to be empty without generating any errors?

    FYI, running SQL Server 2000.

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    Copy Object...

    table = object
    records = data

    Alternatively there is a filter clause somewhere (e.g. WHERE user='georgev') that results in no records being added.
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