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    Question Unanswered: MS Access 2003: Help Please! Permissions Issue and Temporary Query Def

    I'm new to the forum, so please forgive me if I am double-posting. I don't see my original post. Drats!

    I have been trying to resolve this problem for a few days now and I am now waving the white flag!

    I have created a form within a secured DB which contains a multi-select box and a couple of date input fields to capture the beginning/end of the reporting period. Based on the selections made and the dates entered, a query is created using an SQL statement:

    Set qryICPlanner = .CreateQueryDef("Daily_IC_PLanner", strSQLSelect)

    The Daily_IC_PLanner query is then opened via:


    My issue:
    Everything works properly as long as I am logged in as one of the users in the Admins group. In testing, if I am logged in as a user who is not in the Admins group the Daily_IC_PLanner query is not created/saved nor is it displayed.

    I have been trying to either add the current user to the Admins group or grant the current user full access permissions to open/run the form/query. After the form/query are closed the permissions would return to the user's original permission level.

    Does anyone know how to do this without getting an error such as "You do no have the necessary permissions to use the [Tables] [Admins] object"? I have tried to use such methods as: grp.users.append usr or cylcing thru the containers collection and granting full access to the objects via: .Permissions = dbSecFullAccess.

    Any help would be most appreciated! I am at my wits' end.


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    Tried using Tools - Security - User and Group Permissions and making the non-admin users have the right to create new and open existing queries... or add them to the admins group? I mean rather than doing it with code.

    I'm not sure what security level you actually want here, but it sounds like the non-admin users just don't have permission to create new queries or change the permissions.
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