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    Unanswered: Windows 2003 Server

    Hello, pls Some of my factory guys can log on the same user name at the same time, so I want a situation where a user name may be able to log on, one at a time. Whoever that is reading this, note this is not a misplacement, this is the fact that I don't have means of solving it, I am also of opinion that some have full knowledge of windows 2003 server

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    I'm making a lot of assumptions here, so you need to read this carefully to be sure that my assumptions match your assumptions. Click here to read about the "Limit Login" tool for Active Directory.

    Keep in mind that there are issues that are part of the design of Active Directory that make it impossible to guarantee success with limiting concurrent logins for some installations. Active Directory was designed to work even when communication links fail, so there is a great deal of redundancy designed into it from the ground up, and that redundancy makes it impossible to completely guarantee the ability to limit concurrent logins.


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