Hi all,

Could youp please help me to check the "command line 1" below?
I tried to use command line 2 to install Informix SDK, but sometimes, it reports error, so I hope I can use command line 1 to install, but seems that it doesn't work......

command line 1(install SDK via setup.exe):
start /wait D:\InformixProvider\ICONNECT\setup.exe /s /v\"TRANSFORMS=\"D:\InformixProvider\ICONNECT\IBM Informix-Connect.msi\" INSTALLDIR=\"D:\Program Files\IBM\Informix\Connect\" /qn /L*v\"install.log\"

command line 2(install SDK via msi):
start /wait msiexec /i "D:\InformixProvider\ICONNECT\IBM Informix-Connect.msi" /qn INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\IBM\Informix\Connect"