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    Unanswered: SQL query to extract DB2data

    Hi i have a query
    select 12 * int( "SQLUSER"."BTT120".yyyy) + int("SQLUSER"."BTT120".mm) as actual,
    12*year(CURRENT DATE) + month(CURRENT DATE) as ending,
    12*year(CURRENT DATE) + month(CURRENT DATE)-3 as starting
    from "SQLUSER"."BTT120"
    where "SQLUSER"."BTT120".yyyy ='2007' and "SQLUSER"."BTT120".mm in ('10','11','12')

    which gives me ourput

    Actual ending Starting
    24094 24097 24094

    My actual requirment is to get the data for the rolling 3 months for which i used the same logic as above in the WHERE clause.

    where (12 * int( "SQLUSER"."BTT120".yyyy)) + int("SQLUSER"."BTT120".mm) between
    (12*year(CURRENT DATE)) + month(CURRENT DATE)-3 and
    (12*year(CURRENT DATE)) + month(CURRENT DATE)

    everything looks good but iam not getting output, there is data for the date range

    (12 * int( "SQLUSER"."BTT120".yyyy)) + int("SQLUSER"."BTT120".mm) = 24094
    (12*year(CURRENT DATE)) + month(CURRENT DATE)-3 = 24094
    (12*year(CURRENT DATE)) + month(CURRENT DATE) = 24097

    can anyone help me if iam wrong in syntax. new to DB2


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    i would suggest you try a DB2 message board. The one DB2 guy who frequents this board has been MIA for a few days. Probably skiing.
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